Before Test Day


Pre-registration is not required if you are able to take an exam without any form of assistance. If you require any accommodations other than the use of a large-print exam, pre-registration is required at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled testing date. This allows us to ensure the proper resources and additional team members are available to accommodate your special needs request. Depending on the accommodations requested, we may require a written statement from your physician that indicates the nature of your handicap or disability.

If you require special accommodations and/or would like to pre-register for an exam please email

FCC Registration Number (FRN)

An FCC Registration Number (FRN) is REQUIRED to be able to test regardless of pre-registration with the team. Additionally, equipment will NOT be provided to register at the testing location; FRN registration must be completed prior to coming to the testing location.

If you have issues with your FRN registration, please contact the FCC using the contact information at the bottom of the registration page. At the time of this writing, the phone number for assistance is 877-480-3201 and their email address is

The Atlanta VE Team cannot and will not assist with your FRN registration other than directing you to the website, phone number, and email address above as one of the pieces of information required for registration is your Social Security Number (SSN), which the Atlanta VE Team does not collect nor wants to know. Should anything resembling an SSN appear in any email, voicemail, form, or other means of communication, it will be immediately destroyed or returned; additionally, by sending us your SSN, you agree to hold harmless all members of the Atlanta VE Team should your SSN become compromised.

In short, the Atlanta VE Team does not want anything to do with your Social Security Number, hence registration for an FRN number is required.

You can register for an FRN on the FCC’s website.

If you already have an Amateur Radio License, your FRN is listed on your FCC license. If you’re unable to locate it on your license, just bring your license with you (you need to bring it anyway…) and we’ll show you where it’s at.

Testing Day

What to Bring

Please bring the following information with you on testing day:

  1. Your FCC Registration Number (FRN) - See above
  2. Government-issued Photo Identification
    • Examples:
      • Driver’s License
      • Passport
      • Military ID
      • Georgia Weapons License
    • Minors without photo identification may be identified by the following when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian:
      • One of the following:
        • Minor’s Birth Certificate
        • Student ID
        • Report Card with student’s name
      • Parent or legal guardian’s government-issued photo identification
  3. Pen
  4. Pencil
  5. Calculator (optional)
    • If calculator can be programmed (ex. TI-83/89/Nspire, HP 50G, etc.) then it must be fully reset to the satisfaction of the administering VE. You are responsible for knowing how to reset your calculator. If you are unable to reset your calculator to our satisfaction, you may not use it for your exam.
    • Your phone may not be used as a calculator.
  6. Existing Amateur Radio License (if currently licensed)
  7. Any previously-issued CSCE from any VEC (if upgrading your license and the FCC has yet to reflect your new license class)
  8. Proof of previous license if your license has expired and you’re re-taking the Technician exam to grandfather your previous license.

During Testing

You must follow the instructions of the VEs at all times.

All electronic devices (other than an approved calculator) must be turned off and out of sight (i.e., in a bag or pocket) during the entirety of your session. This includes but is not limited to cell phones, smart watches, smart glasses, laptops, tablets, etc.

The bathroom may only be used before, after, and between exams. If you must use the bathroom during an exam, you must turn in your exam for grading or your exam will be disqualified. Re-testing in this instance will follow the same rules as the retesting policy below.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in termination of your exam without further action.

Successive Exams and Retesting

Testing for new candidates ends at the time listed on the schedule. If, however, you complete and pass exam prior to the end time you may take the subsequent exam at the same session. For example, if you complete and pass the Technician exam prior to the end time, you may take General even if the end time has passed. Additionally, if you complete and pass the Technician and General prior to the end time (or just the General if you’re upgrading), you may take the Amateur Extra exam.

If you fail an exam within 3 points (minimum score of 23/35 for Technician and General and 34/50 for Amateur Extra) you may retest if your exam was completed prior to the end time and if extra materials are available.

Lastly, there is a hard cutoff at 1 hour past the end time, or as otherwise listed on the schedule. You must be complete with your exam at that time. This should give you a minimum of 1 hour to take/finish an exam once the listed end time is reached.

Note that while exams may be taken out of order, the Atlanta VE Team does not recommend this as you will not be granted a license or upgrade until all lower exams are completed.

Other Rules

The Atlanta VE Team reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason to the extent allowed by law, regulation, and/or VEC rules.